Lightweight, easy-to-use app for university podcast access.


TunesViewer is a small, easy to use program to access iTunes-University
media and podcasts in Linux.


  • Direct searching, browsing, and downloading.
  • Supports itunes-University login, to download students-and-staff-only media.
  • Reveals the standard rss-podcast-feed of the itunes-podcasts, for use in any podcast software.
  • Includes the option to set itself as default protocol handler, to go directly from the “loading itunes-U…” page to viewing with TunesViewer.


  • Automatic podcast updates, auto-downloads and transfers –
    This program isn’t a general-purpose podcast manager, but it can add podcasts to rhythmbox/gpodder/amarok/etc.
  • iTunes Store – This will not let you connect to iTunes store accounts or buy anything. (This includes private iTunesU courses that require an enrollment key, an Apple ID, and an iPad/iPhone.)

Minimum System Requirements:

Tunesviewer works well even on older computers (and yes, even the underpowered Raspberry Pi). It’s been tested on Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04, 16.04, up to 17.10 and should install properly on similar systems.

Desktop Installation:

  1. Download the install package: New .deb installer is now compatible with Ubuntu 17.10! (Version 2.0.1 is still available for older systems, and an old .rpm installer for Fedora/Red Hat based operating systems is available here.)
  2. Open the package and it should install – or upgrade, if you had installed it before. After installing, you should see TunesViewer on your Applications – Internet menu or in the dash launcher in the upper left of your screen.
  3. Post-installation setup: Go to TunesViewer preferences (in the Edit menu), and select the download-folder. Choose the folder you want to download to. If you select your Rhythmbox/Amarok library directory they should automatically add to your library.


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