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Audio Visualization with FFT on Ubuntu

Have you ever wanted to set up a cool sound visualization on Ubuntu, like those old Win98 audio player visual-spectrums? Scott Harden has some useful example code to build upon if you’re wanting to make an audio analyzer. However, even after installing the suggested libraries, you may run into problems. When you get an error, run

sudo pip install pyqtgraph

then to install the pyaudio with the relevant dependencies, run:

sudo apt-get install python-pyaudio python3-pyaudio

and run the example in the given source code:

python ./2016-07-37_qt_audio_monitor/


If you want to modify the example, add buttons or something, you can use QtCreator and:

pyuic4 -x ./ui_main.ui -o ./

Seems hard to keep that file in sync… unlike GTK in which it’s easy to connect Glade xml to the program.


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