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Coursera Courses you should download before they’re gone!

UPDATE – Looks like most of these have new sessions and are available again.

If you have been learning on Coursera recently you probably got an email earlier this month saying –

Effective June 30, 2016, courses on the old platform will no longer be available. You should use this opportunity to save any relevant course materials or assignments.

Yikes! This is a good time to use a tool maintained by one of our contributors, Rogerio, that will allow you to download these before the old server is decomissioned:

Be sure to go through and download any courses with information you found valuable – if the url of the course overview page has, it will be removed!

You may want to add yourself to these courses that are over, but have valuable information you may want to download before the end of the month:


Audio Processing – Advanced Mathematics and programming in analysis of audio:

Computational Neuroscience – Deep look at how the brain works:

Coding the Matrix: Linear Algebra through Computer Science Applications:
Details of application of matrices – starts out with a good Python overview too.

Stanford’s Crypography I – A look at common algorithms:

A Look at the life of Einstein:

Exploring quantum physics:

Natural Language Processing – detailed look at modeling English language:


In other news, it seems Coursera is unfortunately requiring all students to pay if they want work graded 🙁

Seems unfortunate as the credits are not accredited and for users just learning new skills without buying, Coursera courses are little better than the iTunesU course downloads.


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