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Google Doubleclick Outage Highlights Need for adblockers

This Tuesday Google had a problem that made many websites, including TheGuardian and other sites, bringing a significant portion of the web to a crawl. No, it wasn’t a comeback of DSL or dialup, but a bug in Google DoubleClick. (Perhaps some engineers at Google took off early for Pi-day celebrations?)

For consumers, this is a big reason to consider ad-blocking plugins in your browser (Opera and Brave for example, have long advertised the adblock feature which speeds up the browser especially in cases like this).

For publishers this brings big questions about why we should allow Google or other services onto your site… depending on scripts from many different sources multiplies chance of this type of error. Is it really a good idea for an analytics company to get all hits and user information for users, across all your user’s devices? And is it good to use DoubleClick which has had several outages in the past month? Perhaps Flattr or other services should be used in the future for more intentional supporting of your favorite content providers, rather than (somewhat sneaky) ad revenue?

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