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Great free books for beginner and experienced developers

If your new year’s resolution is to expand your programming knowledge, career advancement in IT, and/or helping improve the Tunesviewer project (hint hint 🙂 you may enjoy these great free ebooks:

How to Make Mistakes in Python

catThis book has practical advice for everyone’s favorite scripting language – in fact, most of the tips in this book are applicable to any programming language. Mike Pernat goes over some memorable mistakes and gives advice for improving your code. A must read for beginners and expert users alike.

Python In Education

catThis book gives a quick overview of the history of Python programming and why it is advantageous in both the educational and professional worlds – “Python is easy to learn, intuitive, pleasing to the eye and comes
with a plethora of libraries that allow programmers to build all
sorts of applications addressing different domains and activities.”

This book gives examples of how to get students interested in programming simple games or embedded devices like Raspberry Pi.

Learn Python the Hard Way

This popular book starts out with the basics, appropriate for a beginner, and intermediate and advanced topics in the last chapters.


Course discount

If reading through books isn’t your preferred learning method, you may be interested in a course discount currently running for Packt Publishing’s Mastering Python bundle.

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