Lightweight, easy-to-use app for university podcast access.


Basics: The main screen is split into 2 parts:
The top part shows links, information and comments on the current page you are viewing.

The lower part shows podcast media files, double-click or press enter on a row to open it.
To subscribe to the page, go to edit-preferences, and choose your podcast manager (rhythmbox/gpodder/amarok) from the podcast manager command drop down menu.
Select OK, and click the add button on the toolbar, or Actions Menu – Add Page to Podcast Manager. Now you should be subscribed to the podcast.


  • Advanced Search – lets you search for podcasts and media by university, title, or description.


  • Copy Normal Podcast URL – copies the real podcast URL of the current page. You can use this in a podcast manager such as gpodder.
  • Paste & Goto URL – goes to the URL currently in the clipboard.
  • Preferences – change options for this program.


  • Request HTML Mode – Check this if you have problems with a page not loading.
  • Show Downloads – shows current downloads.
  • Downloads Directory – shows the files in your file manager.
  • Page Source – shows the source text of current page.
  • Selection Info – shows information on the current row selected, including comments and file size.


  • Goto Link – Goes to the link of the row currently selected.
  • Play/View File – Opens selected link streaming, using the program you chose in preferences.
  • Download File – Downloads currently selected link.
  • Add Page to Podcast Manager – Same as the toolbar button, adds to your podcast manager (you can choose this program in the preferences)

When files are downloaded, you can choose an action from the lower left dropdown box by the progress bar.

Actions are:

  • Open file – opens the file with the system default opener for this file type.
  • Copy to device – lets you choose the device to copy to (this should work with any portable player that shows up as a normal USB drive.)
  • Convert File – opens converter program (you must have soundconverter package installed)
  • Delete File – permanently deletes the file.

For assistance, please see the forum or mailing list. Comments below may be kept in queue longer, and/or get lost in spam.

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44 Responses to “Help”

  • I have been working all day to get TunesViewer to work. I have tried enrolling in a course two ways:

    1. I have gone to the enroll button at the very bottom of the screen and put the enrollment code in, but there is no way to push “enter” or to activate it.
    2. I have gone to the “copy/go to URL’ and put the URL I received from the instructor, and the class comes up, but there is no button (like there is on an ios product) that says “request enrollment”.

    As a result, I cannot request enrollment to get into the class. Please help.

    I am using a Motorola Android. My office partners androids produce the same result.

    Thank you.

    • adminLuke says:

      Are you trying to enroll in a course that requires an enrollment key and an Apple ID and an iPad/iPhone?

      Those courses are not supported, since Apple doesn’t provide an API for Apple-ID login.

  • David says:

    Hi – great bit of software, and thank you for it!

    I just got email notice from SourceForge of a new update. Are there any upgrade instructions for current users? I usually let the “system” update things (I’m in Linux Mint 13), but this was installed from the .deb, of course, and I don’t think Gdebi manages upgrades? Any help on this appreciated!

    • adminLuke says:

      Currently you can update from the Help menu -> Check for update. Download and open the package to install it. In the future we hope to have a better software channel for updates.

  • Hey, I can’t view your site properly within Opera, I actually hope you look into fixing this.

  • Jason MP says:

    Hi, I’m trying to install the apk to my nexus7 running android 4.1.1 and getting an error stating the apk is invalid. Do I need root access for this app?

    • adminLuke says:

      Root access is not required. Make sure you have non-google-market app installation enabled, and it should install.

      Sometimes I’ve noticed problems when installing a newer version .apk when the old one is installed, sometimes you may need to completely uninstall the app, then install from the new .apk.

      If you still have problems please post your question to the forum or mailing-list here:

  • ds says:

    I installed on my Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid system. When I try to run Tunesviewer from the menu, nothing happens. When I run tunesviewer in the terminal, I get this:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/bin/tunesviewer”, line 1676, in
    prog = TunesViewer()
    File “/usr/bin/tunesviewer”, line 595, in __init__
    self.descView = WebKitView(self)
    File “/usr/share/tunesviewer/”, line 61, in __init__
    settings.set_property(‘enable-dns-prefetching’, False)
    TypeError: object of type `WebKitWebSettings’ does not have property `enable-dns-prefetching’

  • Jon says:

    I’m getting an error parsing the package? I downloaded the 1.5beta and changed from deb to Apk

  • Jon says:

    Tried the apk download, same thing.

  • Jon says:

    Nvm, turns out I only had part of it both times(only 21kb instead of all of it), thanks.

  • Ansar says:

    Hy mate
    I am having trouble with enrolling in itunes u course via tunesviewer
    How can i enroll in tunes viewer there no button nor option to enter enrolling code and subscription of software
    I create a course for my students and i need urgent reply from your side
    Plz give m detail about enrolling itunes viewer

  • Gen says:


    I just installed iTunesViewer from Ubuntu (13.04) Software Center (including plugin for rhythbox) and trying to run these free lectures:
    The Viewer loads this page properly; however, when I am trying to play one of the lectures I am getting “Missing Plug-in” error in the video window. I downloaded one of the short lectures from this page (.mp4 file), and I am able to watch them with my VLC payer. Kindly, let me know what should I do in order to fix this error. What kind of plugin should I install or maybe what configurations in Preferences should I change?

    Thanks a lot!

    • adminLuke says:

      *EDIT* This has now been fixed in Tunesviewer 1.5.2.

      If you notice anything else odd, please file a bug report, and thanks for testing 🙂

  • Jacob says:

    I don’t know how the heck you’re even supposed to install this app! I tried on my Motorola Xoom Tablet and it told me that no app could open it. Help me out, I’m about to give up.

  • mwy says:

    I’m confused about how to use this. I’ve successfully installed this onto my Galaxy S3 and am able to launch it, which opens straight onto what looks like the mobile iTunes U homepage. I can also tap through to look at individual courses. But I can’t figure out what to do beyond that. The menus described above on this help page appear nowhere that I can see. All I have is the one Android menu button on the bottom left of the phone. When I tap that a menu comes up with Search, Stop, Home, Bookmarks, Forward, Copy/Goto URL, Share Page, Find on Page, Clear History, Settings, and About options. I can’t find anything that matches the “Edit – Preferences” options listed above so I can set Doggcatcher as my podcast manager.

    Thanks for this project and any help you can offer!

    • mwy says:

      Sorry, I should add that I seem to be able to download individual .mp3 files from a course page, but I’m hoping to integrate the entire feed for a course into Doggcatcher. Thanks again.

      • adminLuke says:

        The menus described here are for the desktop version, but mobile should have these features as well.

        If DoggCatcher doesn’t support direct subscriptions to itpc:// podcasts, you should be able to long-tap and select copy on the subscribe link, and add it to the podcatcher manually.
        Hope this helps 🙂

      • adminLuke says:

        Please try the 1.3 update, which should fix this issue 🙂

  • sc says:

    I have a new generation Kindle Fire HD. Any way to install this app on it? Thanks.

  • sarai says:

    I just wanted to say- thanks for this awesome app!

    Also, I used it to successfully download and watch a lecture that required a login and password from my university. I had believed I wouldn’t be able to do that because of the “not” feature section so you guys might want to clarify that a bit.

  • JennyA says:

    I just would like to know egret the best podcast app is for tunesviewer on kindle fire. Thanks

    • adminLuke says:

      Have you tried Swallowcatcher? There may be others that integrate with Tunesviewer, as long as they pick up on the itpc: link.

  • Atif says:

    How do I download all files for a course at once?

    • adminLuke says:

      That’s not really an option now. If you can subscribe to the podcast with a podcast manager, it should let you download-all though.

  • vinod isaac says:

    How do i enrol in to a programe there is no button saying enrolement

  • I think this is one of the most significant info for me. And i am glad reading your article. But wanna remark on few general things, The web site style is ideal, the articles is really great : D. Good job, cheers

  • Davide says:

    Great app!
    Is it possible to download mltiple files?

  • llmage says:

    I’m getting the error:
    ERROR:root:Invalid header name ‘X-Apple-Tz:
    I was looking at the source for a bit, then decided to ask what might be the problem.

    any help is highly appreceated.

    • llmage says:

      By changing to mobile mode the error comes out as
      ERROR:root:Invalid header name ‘X-Apple-Store-Front:’
      if that helps

    • adminLuke says:

      The problem most likely caused by using an older Tunesviewer with Ubuntu 15.x.

      If you have the latest version (1.5.3) and still have problems, please report a new bug or reopen this one.

  • Jon says:

    I can stream the podcast but when I right-click and select Download, there is no download. Podcast in Buck Sexton America Now.

    • adminLuke says:

      Sorry for the late reply… it seems only the /17 from the name of the individual file is saved to disk, although you can click copy podcast in the toolbar and paste the podcast subscribe url into Rythmbox or similar.

      I hope to have the bug fixed in the near future.

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