Lightweight, easy-to-use app for university podcast access.


Related links and projects:

FeedFlipper, a web-service for turning iTunes-links into RSS-links
Web-iTunesU, a web-service for converting iTunesU pages for use in a browser.
jTunesU, a Java application for iTunesU access
Technical documentation on iTunesU

Tunesviewer Development:
Official git repository
Github project (more up-to-date than the SF git)


Online learning/school help: – a plethora of free information, currently you can enroll in courses, and browse for free. – more free courses – Numerous technology books and resources, free webcasts and books from time to time when you subscribe to their newsletter.


iOS compatibility: – Useful if you ever need to move some file to/from an iPod/iPad/iPhone.
, a simple way to load files onto iPad without having to use the command-line ifuse and libimobiledevice:


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