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Easy steps to a less Chrome-y, more Linux-y, laptop

It’s that time of year again – with the new school year commencing, there’s more to learn and study – both with classes and research, and the latest new electronics you may have picked up for class-work. As many users have noted in our quick survey, you may be missing using Tunesviewer and iTunes-U for your studies if your latest new gadget is a Chromebook.

Luckily, the good folks at Lifehacker have an article on replacing the limited default OS of the Chromebook with a standard Linux install, using the Crouton Project. In addition to running standard Linux applications, this method will let you run browsers such as Firefox or Midori instead of Chrome.

As always, you’ll want to make sure all your data is backed up before making such a change.

If you’ve not yet picked up a new machine for this school year, another good option is the Dell xps, available with preinstalled Ubuntu – a solid machine that comes with a full operating system, no special installation required.

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