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New Android version, now available on F-Droid repository!

The latest version of Tunesviewer for Android is now available on the F-Droid repository!

F-Droid is a software repository similar to Google Play or Amazon, which lets you browse and download software, and provides updates when available. The main difference is that F-Droid contains only vetted open-source software, and contains ad-blocking software that Google has removed from Play. Some say F-Droid is more secure than Google Play, since it is not tied to a Google account that could install software directly to phone if compromised. F-Droid also doesn’t include the controversial killswitch feature.

The new version, TunesViewer 1.2.1, adds a workaround that should make more podcatchers work with it, and adds Spanish translation. Download from F-Droid or use the .apk installer on the main page.

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3 Responses to “New Android version, now available on F-Droid repository!”

  • M A says:

    “You must install a podcast manager app that handles feed://links, to subscribe.” with DoggCatcher installed.

    What is a compatible podcast manager app?

    • adminLuke says:

      Are you using the latest 1.2.1 and it still doesn’t work? If so, most likely the app isn’t catching itms or other links, and the problem should be reported to DoggCatcher developers.