Lightweight, easy-to-use app for university podcast access.

New Beta versions available for testing.


We are happy to announce new beta versions of TunesViewer, a simple,
easy-to-use, open-source, application for Android and Unix-like systems to easily access podcasts and media on iTunesU.

The 1.5 release has seen improvements in many fronts, most of which are in
adaptation of the code for changes in Apple’s iTunesU system, cleaner code,
and some improvements in the project administration. Final changes may include some bug fixes and translations.

User-visible changes (Desktop)

* Fixed many bugs.
* Easier production of up-to-date packages for Debian-derived distributions
(which include Ubuntu and Linux Mint, for example).
* Better options of specifying folders where the downloads should be
* New, more attractive icon for TunesViewer.
* TunesViewer now stores its configuration in XDG compliant locations, which
should make it easier to backup your data.
* Some new command-line options can be seen with the invocation of
`tunesviewer –help`. Expect more options to be available.
* Other minor (but important) usability changes in the user interface.

User-visible changes (Android)

* Fixed partial file download when network disconnects.
* Show star ratings.
* Fixed other bugs.
* Download button turns to “open” when file has downloaded.
* Bookmarks screen with listing of files in downloaded podcasts.
* Firebug-lite and other debug improvements.

Improvements in the project administration

* For development-related discussion and planning, we have
created a mailing list at tunesviewer-users at
* Support requests can be much faster to be acted upon if they
are *not* sent to individual developers, but to a place where
it is visible to all developers. The preferred place for
reporting technical bugs with the desktop version is, or for Android,

While reporting a bug or filing a feature request, please
inform us the version of TunesViewer that you are using, the
operating system (if it is Linux, which distribution) and any
other information that you think that may be appropriate.

We encourage you to be as verbose and descriptive as possible,
so that we can better understand what the issues are.

Under the hood

The source code of TunesViewer (desktop) has seen a lot of changes since the release
of version 1.4. The code has seen more than 250 commits from 3
contributors, with almost 60 files changed, more than over 6000 lines of
code added and more than 3400 lines of code removed.

Among the many changes, some highlights are:

* Extensive revision of the Debian packaging has been made, so that newer
releases can be done in a faster and more automated way.
* Creation of some unit-tests (with more to come).
* More modular code-base, easing maintainability and code reuse.
* Removal of some dead-code spots.
* Adaptations to changes in Apple’s iTunes Store.
* Change of license of the project from Apache 2.0 to the GPL version 2 or

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3 Responses to “New Beta versions available for testing.”

  • William V. Meyer says:

    I have an Android Toshiba Excite 7.7 tablet. I’m excited about TunesViewer. I would be happy to beta test, my usual genre for beta testing includes programs like Mathematica. At present, I don’t seem to be able to subscribe to lectures with TunesViewer. I get the following message:
    “No Podcatcher. No podcast app found to handle this link! You must install a podcast manager app that handles feed://links, to subscribe.” This seems pretty clear, but I already have DoggCatcher up and running, and I still get this error message from TunesViewer. Don’t want to waste your time, so if there’s any easy fix or a place in the forums that I missed, I’d be grateful for your guidance. Thank you very much.
    With best regards,

    • adminLuke says:

      Thank you for your interest in the project – I’m not sure what protocol schemes DoggCatcher supports, but Swallowcatcher should work fine. itms:// urls might be supported by DoggCatcher?

      There hasn’t been any Android work since Android-tunesviewer 1.2 yet, but if there are new additions, you can see them in the bitbucket repository:

      If you have the Android SDK, you could try changing the “feed” to “itms” on lines 275,276 of WebView/ You may also be able to hold-tap and copy the url of the feed, and paste it into the podcatcher.

  • I love it when individuals get together and share
    thoughts. Great site, keep it up!