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Now is the time to download all your favorite iTunesU courses!

As you may have noticed, Apple has announced that in September they will be discontinuing iTunesU PC access to some content in September:

“If you want to be able to access iTunes U content on your Mac or PC after the move, download the materials to your computer before the move”

This has unfortunately become a more common occurrence with Apple recently, with the iPod and iPhone, and more recently with the new iOS versions that broke plug-and-play compatibility with Ubuntu. Let’s hope they fix the issue of certain media that is not downloadable on PC but only on mobiles… and remember to get your tech department to copy content off of iTunesU onto standard web system so normal PCs will be able to access content!


Fortunately this change is referring to an iTunes update which moved/removed some stuff, and Tunesviewer is still working. So if you are browsing with iTunes you may not want to let that update install!

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