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Pop!_OS available! but probably not ready for your main pc yet!

Recently System76 has started a contest related to their new Pop!_OS! While there’s usually no problem in testing any specific version of Ubuntu, on this one the problems might outweigh the advantages…


  • POP!_OS has a cool theme that is very similar to the recent Android releases… In fact you almost think it is an Android with all the robot backgrounds, and the GTK theme that looks very blue-and-white.
  • Tunesviewer ran just fine using the default opener for the .deb download (does not require a dpkg -i install as on some versions of Ubuntu).
  • The POP Store looks like a simpler, faster version of the Ubuntu installer. At the moment it wasn’t showing anything for the main categories and gave an error when trying to update, but after awhile the update tab started to work.


  • Day 1 of use I noticed the lock screen’s log in functionality was glitching… every second or so it cleared what you typed so unless you had set a very short password, no logging back in. Did Ctrl+Alt+F2 and restart.
  • Day 2 of use I noticed after the startup screen it shows only “_” flashing on a black screen. (This was likely caused by the Radeon card this computer had which hasn’t had the greatest Linux support). Ctrl+Alt+F2 lets you log in and run “sudo ubuntu-bug”, which should work after you “sudo apt install apport”… Unfortunately, it seems whatever you choose for sending graphics bug, it will display “This is not an official Pop!_OS package. Please remove any third party package and try again.”

All in all this looks like an interesting take on an Ubuntu distribution that I’m sure works great on System76’s hardware, but it’s probably not one you want to install and to use everyday. The breakage of bug reporting especially keeps users from collaborating on bug fixes, which is a very important part of what has brought Ubuntu so far in the desktop market.

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