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POP!_OS! review part 2

As noted in the previous review of Pop!_OS, after some time this OS seemed to not work after a certain update (on the ancient Radeon 6530d). So let’s see what happens on some different hardware:

Minipc: With an Intel Atom 1.8GHz and 4gb RAM this is not anyone’s first choice as a desktop pc, in fact Ubuntu Unity didn’t run on this small computer’s Intel Atom Integrated Graphics Controller! I had successfully installed Xubuntu though. Although Pop!_OS seems to brand itself as a less cluttered and resourceful version of Ubuntu, it unfortunately would not even fully run the liveUSB. It boots to desktop in which the only option that seems to work is right click, open terminal, and hitting the “Windows”/Super key brings up only the shading around where the menus should be, leaving only a desktop background and the right click desktop menu – Ubuntu failed in a similar manner with Unity graphics on this machine.

Similarly, the Dell Optiplex 320 I tried also has issues with POP!_OS, this time showing only the cursor and black screen, which turns off and on as if resetting every few seconds.

All that to say, while reviews show POP!_OS is a fairly fast, low resource OS for engineers, it is probably a better bet to have Xubuntu, or the older version Ubuntu you are already using, on a somewhat older computer.

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