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Rhythmbox problems? You’re not alone

If you have been experiencing problems trying to subscribe to podcasts using Rhythmbox, you aren’t the only one – Recent versions of Ubuntu seem to have a problem subscribing to Rhythmbox from other applications.

The details of this bug were described here. If you see the same problem on your machine, consider clicking the “Yes, it affects me” to vote for this bug. Fortunately other programs like Gpodder should not be affected by this bug. Let’s hope this behavior is fixed soon. As a workaround, if you use another podcast app, just switch the setting in the Tunesviewer preferences (Edit -> Preferences window). Also note that in newer versions of Rhythmbox you can search for iTunes podcasts directly (but not iTunesU unfortunately).

In other news, keep an eye out for the next minor update coming soon, which should fix a missing-plugin error previewing iTunesU videos. (Update – now released, fix available in version 1.5.2)

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