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Tunesviewer-1.2 for Android available, new desktop version in the works

Tunesviewer 1.2 is now available, with much better display/layout on some pages, and better filetype compatibility, compared to 1.0. Epub and pages files should always display correctly on Android now.

An update-downloading bug has been fixed in this release. If you have problems updating from the about screen of a previous version, you’ll need to download the apk from a browser and install it.


In other news, a newer version of the desktop version of Tunesviewer is in the works. This one will be focused on switching to the newer GTK3 framework. It is currently in a somewhat-working state, but has many bugs. You may fork the project here to try it out, fix things, or try the working pixel-smooth-scrolling that was introduced in GTK3.

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