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Ubuntu 17.10… One Huge Upgrade You May Want to Reconsider

Today Ubuntu 17.10 is finally available! While it’s great to try the latest software there are some massive changes that will affect you if you have been used to the Ubuntu updates of the past few years.

  • Tunesviewer, and other software using the WebKit (not WebKit2) module will now break. (Hint Hint, if you are doing Hacktoberfest this bug would be one you could fix and do a pull request!). To be fair it seems this is a decision upstream Debian so other newer Debian OSs will likely have the same problem.
  • Synaptic seems to be missing… that super handy power tool for apt-get that lists all packages and their advanced properties, file paths etc. Apparently this may be due to a bug in Wayland, the new graphics manager?
  • The Ubuntu Store seems to be having some issues with Snaps. If DEB format has been working for many many years, why add another?
  • The Alt key “HUD” feature, which allows you to run any menu command without remembering/finding/digging though menus to find the command, is gone, along with many of the familiar features of the desktop environment 🙁
  • Speaking of menus, you will likely miss many menus in Ubuntu, the file manager (Nautilus) and others are much simplified with one menu at the very top of the screen and one menu within. Odd.
  • The time and calendar is in the top middle, not on a corner of the screen like nearly every desktop operating system ever.
  • The X and other two buttons are moved from the left to the right of the screen. I know everyone used to change the option to move it to the right, but if like many of us you have to work on legacy specialized software on a Macintosh from time to time this is going to be kind of jarring.

This update is definitely one you should check out to see what Ubuntu envisions as their future desktop… but this release is definitely one you may want to put on a USB stick with Startup Disk Creator/Unetbootin first!

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