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Ubuntu Utopic or Uninteresting?

With Ubuntu “Utopic Unicorn” coming up, you may be wondering – is it worthwhile to upgrade? As you can see, there are minimal changes in 14.10, things generally seem to work the same as before.

Ubuntu 14.10 screenshot

Ubuntu 14.10

While seemingly unspectacular, 14.10 has some new under-the-hood changes, like Linux 3.16, and minor updates to many other packages. The lack of major new features may be one result of focus on Ubuntu-phone coming later this year – Shuttleworth is excited about a “world of Internet things-you-can-trust” – hopefully a much-needed improvement compared to the numerous Android devices not getting important security updates and new versions.

Unfortunately there have been some reports of Unity-Webapps not working, of some file-types not opening correctly, and other bugs in 14.10. In testing I had noticed that the automatic opening of Tunesviewer from an iTunes page was not working. (You should still be able to copy the url into Tunesviewer to go to the page, or manually pick /usr/bin/tunesviewer as the opener).

If you’re thinking of updating to 14.10, you may also want to consider that it will be supported the usual 18 months, while current 14.04 will be supported until 2019.

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