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Upgrading Ubuntu? You may not want to move to 17.04 quite yet…

If you haven’t upgraded Ubuntu recently, you may want to stick with your current version. The current latest version of Tunesviewer does not install in 17.04 or other very new Debian installs – and work on a fix for this will be upcoming in the following weeks.

According to PCWorld, you may not want 17.04 purely because of the support and not having to upgrade on a regular basis. 16.04 has extended support, and even 14.04 from 3 years ago is stable and getting security updates. As you may know, upgrading a major OS version on a production setup is often best postponed til you have tested it!


The Tunesviewer 2 beta now works in Ubuntu 17.04 – please test it out!

However, you may not want to run 17.04 because it currently has some odd Ubuntu-Phone type applications – searching for “Settings” or “Scopes” may get you to an application that looks like it was written for a phone, with “Rotation lock”, “Silent mode” and other things you probably won’t see on a desktop operating system. I’m not sure what their plans are for this as they have unfortunately decided against giving us a hybrid mobile-desktop environment.

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