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Using Yahoo as your search engine? You may want to think twice…

It may be tempting to use the Yahoo search engine as an alternative to Bing or Google or DuckDuckGo, (after all it is often the default search engine), but there may be hidden dangers to this, particularly in the fact that ads at the top show exactly like the normal results. For example, search for “mozill firefox”, if you are unfortunate enough to mistype this into Yahoo and don’t scroll down to the second screen, you will be clicking on an AD, not the official site, and you will likely install their adware and “special offers” downloader in addition to Firefox. Similar results happen when mistyping search “instal chrome”.

Until recently searching for “mapquest” on Yahoo gave a first result that was a broken map service website that only let you actually use maps if you installed their intrusive software. and these are just a few examples…

A quick search on this topic reveals news stories from 2017, 2015, and 2014 about this ongoing issue of malware being at the top of Yahoo search results.

So the next time you see Yahoo as the default search engine, be sure to go to your settings and set Bing.. Google… or Duckduckgo as your default search engine.

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