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Warning – if you use an iOS device, do NOT update to iOS10!

Ios 10 was released the other day, yet what most of the reviewers, and Apple itself have not pointed out, is the fact that the software is not compatible with the usual usb transfer protocol of iOS 8 and 9 (the software that comes with Ubuntu 16.04)

Apparently this is due to a change in SSL software in iOS, and the libimobiledevice team is working on the problem. No word on when it will be fixed in Ubuntu (see bug report).

What this means for most users is not only that they will not be able to move files to/from the device, but they will not be able to share any files onto your friends’ computers that are running Ubuntu!

UPDATE: There are reports that the latest iOS 10.1 and 10.2 also break this again! –  As always check thoroughly before you do any computer upgrade! 🙂


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