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Way Cool Linux Apps

Nearly everyone knows about Gimp, Openoffice/Libreoffice for Office-document processing, and the usual must-have-linux-apps, but what about the other less-known useful apps? Here are a few unique apps I discovered recently that are worth a try:

Sushi – Simple preview of items in Nautilus file-browser, simply using the space key and arrow keys.

Nautilus-columns – A few commands at the terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) installs the option to add more columns in the Nautilus preferences dialog. Set it up once, and you’ll have extra columns in list view.

Redshift – An interesting application that makes the screen reddish at night. Red is supposed to be easier on eyes.

Sikuli – Sikuli IDE works similar to the MacOS Automator, but is less buggy and also works multi-platform. It is written in Java and uses Jython and OpenCV.

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