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What will you do with Ubuntu-drone??

Ubuntu has been a major player in the “Cloud”, but is now moving to the clouds. A partner is working on an advanced drone that “supports CUDA, OpenCV, and ROS”. (Ars Technica)

No idea how the Rodents Of unusual Size will help, but OpenCV and high-tech components will likely bring up some interesting applications. What type of app would you like to use with the Ubuntu drone? 🙂

GIMP/Krita-painter? – Paint bucket can be handy on the computer, why not bring it to your next home improvement project?

Pidgin – Send direct, not-so-instant messages to those few users you can never convince to keep their IM app open.

And Yet it Moves – Move sideways, rotate the drone, until it falls from too high and breaks up like a piece of paper.

Opera – remotely view the orchestra and singers at your favorite venue.

VirtualBox – See what the drone would be seeing if it were in a box with windows.

Trash – Ubuntu cleans up trash pretty quick – will Ubuntu drone work in similar fashion?

Tunesviewer? – Rather than browse your local university’s iTunesU, why not program your drone to take you right there?


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